MCME  MECHANICAL  LLC is a commercial HVAC sheet metal installation and service company formed in the State of South Carolina in June 2015.  The mission of MCME MECHANICAL LLC is to serve the HVAC mechanical needs of the commercial contractors in the State of South Carolina with quality workmanship and timely job completions.

(LEGACY -- DO NOT USE) My Challenges 

Due to the competitiveness of the industry, becoming state licensed and preparing bids for General Contractors for future work was very complex and provided a base for expanding outward.  Also the ability to find motivated and skilled employees was very difficult and time consuming.  Finally, MCME MECHANICAL LLC needed capital to support our start-up periods for the jobs required.  We needed to be able to purchase equipment and materials, as well as securing payroll for employees as jobs progressed.

My successes. 

MCME MECHANICAL LLC has successfully acquired 7 contracts for commercial HVAC installations for the first quarter 2019.  This represents approximately $550,000 in revenues for the emerging business.  We continue to actively bid on jobs that we are licensed to complete, as well as perform some subcontract work, keeping within our licensing limit.  Also, and very importantly, we secured a line of credit through a recognized financial institution to provide us the type of financial security necessary to execute the early phases of jobs.  We now employ a very capable work force of 7 persons and are expanding as more jobs are contracted.

How SCORE helped. 

SCORE Members, very early in our discussions, recognized that MCME MECHANICAL LLC needed to become a stand-alone, licensed installer of HVAC systems and urged us to complete an application for the license with the State of South Carolina.  Previously, our business structure had been that of a “subcontractor” of HVAC systems --- we were doing all the work and not reaping any of the rewards.  We were granted our license in July 2018.  SCORE Mentors also heard our concern about money outlay during the early phases of jobs we do.  They referred us to several banks and discussed with us how to apply for a line of credit.  We applied and were granted a healthy line of credit from South State Bank.

What's great about my mentor? 

Our SCORE mentors were extremely wise, organized, and offered advice that we needed to move forward in our business. They have been a constant source of information as well as directive advice.

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SCORE helps MCME Mechanical LLC Succeed