Aiken strives to offer quality services to residents and businesses throughout an extensive area around our city. While many cities find it difficult reaching a proper balance between the needs of residents and businesses, we are committed to improving that balance through innovative programs and discussions. We try to support business by helping business owners and employees meet their dreams for business success. This booklet summarizes our services, programs, and incentives that we offer to new and continuing businesses. There are several different components intended to:

  • Address regulatory requirements by the City of Aiken
  • Help you control your expenses associated with conducting business in Aiken
  • Open opportunities to conduct business with the City and with other customers in Aiken

We have included a resource list of our City departments and other resources available to a prospective business owner or resident, and conclude with informational checklists to help you keep track of the many tasks that you may find necessary to start or conduct your business.

We are a phone call or click away if you need our assistance. We are constantly working to assist businesses and residents in Aiken. Our staff members are available to answer your questions and to guide you through our City’s business processes. Our numbers are listed on page 15 of this booklet or please visit our web site at

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The Business of Aiken is Business