Ever since college graduation in 2004, Samantha Bodie has been involved in some aspect of event planning, marketing communications, and advertising. It’s her passion and what she loves to do. After ten years of working for full-service agencies in Atlanta and Augusta, in 2014 she launched her own agency with a partner, providing public relations, technical writing, brand building and event planning services.

Martin Wilson was her first taste of entrepreneurship, and as she and her partner helped clients with exceptional work, she increasingly realized that the firm needed to narrow its focus. So, in 2016, she launched Design Persuasion concentrating on graphic design and website development.

As a small boutique agency, Design Persuasion’s main challenge was determining how to scale business effectively. Floor space, employee, and overhead costs needed to be aligned to top line revenue.

My successes. 

After establishing a network of ‘contract colleagues’, Samantha’s business is on track to post a strong finish in its second year (2017):

  • revenue has doubled
  • the business is cash flowing
  • there is a strong backlog of client work

Continued momentum will push the business in 2018 into a strong enough position that employees will be added to enable continued growth and a presence as one of the CSRA’s premier marketing agencies.

How SCORE helped. 

Samantha Bodie began her relationship with the Greater Aiken SCORE chapter as an Advisory Board client in 2015. SCORE’s volunteer board members helped define and support the transition from Martin Wilson, a full-service marketing agency, to Design Persuasion with a tighter more defined focus. Asked about her experience with SCORE, Ms. Bodie said “I now realize how important it is to have a firm understanding of what your business is best positioned to accomplish…..and stick to it. It’s not only the right formula for clients, but also those of us doing the work. My professional and personal life is now much more balanced and I’m enjoying what I love to do.”

Design Persuasion