I wanted to help my clients see our work together come to fruition, but was unable to do this while doing case management services as a home health social worker. This was due to the limitations that Medicare and private insurance created. In moving toward a private pay model, I was able to provide more in depth, ongoing care management services.

My successes. 


As parents age, families need to financially, strategically and emotionally plan for their future care.  This process can be complicated and expensive.  At Long Term Liaisons, the company's experienced staff guides clients through their options and helps them make the best decisions regarding transportation, insurance coverage, medical and health options, alternate living arrangements, legal matters, social security, and financial strategies.


The overall goal is to help each client remain healthy, happy and safe while living as independently as possible.  The staff of Long Term Liaisons have been trained to be a supportive guide on the path of long term care planning.  They realize that there are many families in need of guidance, education and support related to making choices about long care term for parents and aging seniors.  The difficulty is that the need for this support is often not acknowledged by the elderly clients and / or their families.  Hence, the benefits are not realized in time for the recipients to receive the proper support in making critical decisions regarding how to establish and live a long term care plan.


Marketing of this product is most difficult, since human nature does not always acknowledge the need, or if it is recognized, finding an organization that can provide the proper counseling and advice is not easy.  The marketing of the service provided by Long Term Liaisons requires a continuous effort by members of the staff to advise medical professionals, and social organizations about the capabilities of Long Term Liaisons.  These groups become referral agencies for clients.  If coordination is effectively conducted, the return is positive for both Long Term Liaisons and the recipient families or sponsors of elders.

How SCORE helped. 

The Director of Long Term Liaisons approached SCORE to better understand what marketing techniques could be employed.  It was apparent at the time, that the business clientele had diminished over a two year period.  Through questioning and discussions, it was ascertained that the previous base of clientele had eroded due to a lack of continuous contact.  It was also ascertained that the services to one or two clients were using up and taxing the resources of the company.  Recommendations were provided regarding contact management with medical professionals and social organizations.  A plan for expanding the existing staff capability was also offered and followed, thereby increasing the size and background of the company.  The company is now growing based upon the SCORE advice and recommendations.

What's great about my mentor? 

They push me to think big and set goals.

Long Term Liaisons, LLC