Rearden’s Tax & Business Services opened for business in October of 2014. Located in Warrenville, SC, the Company provides income tax, bookkeeping, financial counseling, and other accounting related services. Warrenville and the surrounding community are a low income area, given median household income that lags the South Carolina average by 60%. As a family owned and operated business, the Owners wanted to provide their services at prices the community could afford.

My Successes: 

The Company’s customer relationship strategy has been highly successful. The current client base has been built on friendly and genuine one-on-one interactions. In the first year the Company doubled the number of projected new clients. Not only was Rearden’s successful with their tax preparation business, but also in the acquisition of new business accounts. By expanding service offerings to businesses, the Company is on more solid financial footing as income is now generated year-round rather than tied to the tax reporting season. The successes and experiences gained during the first year have positioned the Owners to move forward for expansion in the coming months

How SCORE Helped: 

Utilizing their business acumen and planning skills, Greater Aiken SCORE Counselors provided the advice and tools the Owners needed to realize their goal of becoming successful entrepreneurs. Describing SCORE’s contribution, one of the Owners said “SCORE helped build my business from the time I walked into the first meeting with two SCORE Counselors in 2014. The Counselors were available to answer any questions about the business and start up, as well as offering [their] past personal knowledge and experiences that were valuable for the development of the business.”

Rearden’s Tax and Business Services