Sky Is The Limit Foundation is a Tax Exempt 501 (c) 3 non-profit founded in 2015. The purpose of the organization is to help men unite with their children and assume their rightful place as fathers. I founded the organization after I found myself displaced from my family without due cause, and the legal fight thereafter resulted in a reconnection between me and my daughter.

Seemingly unethical and predatory adoption procedures impact a father’s ability to seek custody, sole or otherwise. When legal procedures are not understood by fathers either as a result of divorce, death, or remarriage, the family connection between father and child may be broken and non-repairable. Educating fathers who have a sincere love for their children is the primary mission of this non-profit organization. After the I learned the “rules of the game” and gained custody of my child, I began publishing information about my epic story and soon the story went viral on social media. Since then, my story has been highlighted in the New York Times, the Atlantic Journal, and the ABC Nightline news.

My successes. 

Today, my non-profit organization empowers, educates, and promotes responsible fatherhood through seminars and one-on-one counseling. The range of services provided includes parental development, character development, legal guidance and registry assistance for adoption. Through the responses from social media, it has become very obvious that there is need in our communities for such a service. The positive results from such father to child connection and proper parenting are a reduction in teen pregnancies, less behavioral problems, and continuation of schooling at the high school level.

How SCORE helped. 

After learning how my epic story could be of assistance to other fathers in similar situations, I contacted Greater Aiken Score for assistance in setting up a non- profit organization. The SCORE counselors assisted me by providing information on establishing a non-profit business, strategic planning, and marketing the service. By utilizing the guidance and tools provided by Aiken SCORE the “Sky is the Limit Foundation” has been able to move to the next level of positive interaction with fathers in need. “Imagine a world where all fathers are embracing their children”. (Christopher Emanuel, Founder) 

The founder now has two children to provide for…... a daughter and his non-profit.

Sky is the Limit Foundation